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Moving Tips & Tricks
Moving Tips & Tricks

Share your moving tips, tricks and hacks here to help other movers save time and money, moving house.

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Pack the items you will need first in a clear plastic box/container. The clear box allows you to see inside and stands out from the masses of cardboard boxes. Put things like kettle, food and drink, cutlery a few plates,... (More)
Make your bed as soon as possible. Do this as soon as your beds are placed in their rooms by the removal men. This sounds like something you don't need to do but after a full days moving the last... (More)
Disassemble as much furniture as you can. The less space you take up on the removals van, the more money you can save on your removals. Obviously distance is a key factor in the cost of your move, but if... (More)
Get prepared as soon as you can and arrange your utilities. Get set up for council tax, gas, electric, water and home insurance when moving house. This could save you up to 8 hours which is time spent arranging services... (More)